McDonald's Hand-Painted patter for the new flavors of McFlurry ice cream by McDonald's.

BoF Magazine

BoF Hand-Drawn illustration on BoF magazine May 2018.


PPPATTERN This is a series of pattern I draw for PPPattern a project by Italianism e Printaly and presented to the public in Turin on the occasion of the Torino Graphic Days. All the pattern I draw are inspired by PIMP MY MAG project from which I have extrapolated the...


TREE Digital illustration for "Tree", the vinyl record by Gioser Masrra released by Zero db Digital.


RINASCENTE Series of hand drawn and digital illustrations for Rinascente "The Green Life" SS 2018 Campaign


Pottery A series of artisanal terracotta and kaolin hand drawing products.


Italianism Italianism Conference adv campaign shot by Carlo Piro.


  NUMéRO ART Hand-drawn illustration on Numéro Art #174.


QUATTROCENTO A series of and drawing illustrations for Quattrocento Eyewear ss 16 adv campaing. 

Solitude vs Loneliness

SOLITUDE vs LONELINESS The joy and the pain of being alone   A series of digitally drawn diptychs focused on the struggle between the alienation of loneliness and the need and desire to hide oneself to live out our own “perversions” or natural tendencies away...

Hunger Magazine

HUNGER MAGAZINE A series of hand drawing illustrations for Hunger Magazine #10 cover.

PIMP #prada

PIMP #Prada Hand drawn illustration on Prada adv campaign.

PIMP #lampoon

THE FASHIONABLE LAMPOON Hand drawn illustration on The Fashionable Lampoon Magazine.


I-D Hand drawn illustration on I-D Magazine.


VOGUE Hand drawn illustrations Vogue Italia Sep 2017 issue • Acrilyc colors


Kopano Digital illustration for the Australian singer Kopano.

PIMP #LazyOaf

Lazy Oaf Hand drawn illustration on Lazy Oaf look book.


DAZED&CONFUSED Hand drawn illustration on Dazed&Confused covers.


BALLERINAS A series of hand drawn illustrations on The Fashionable Lampoon magazine.

PIMP #diesel

DIESEL Hand drawing illustration on Diesel adv campaign.

Frac Festival

FRAC Ideation and creation of the visual identity for Frac Festival 2018 edition.

PIMP #vogue

VOGUE Hand drawn illustration on Vogue Italia magazine.

PIMP #lampoon

THE FASHIONABLE LAMPOON Hand drawn illustration on The Fashionable Lampoon Magazine.


ENCADRER Illustrations on Encadrer D.N.A editorial shot by Carlo Piro.

Vogue Series

ILLUSTRATIONS A small selection of some of my illustrations.