Paola Arena is a freelance artist and illustrator.

Her academic background is in Communication with a focus on Sociology of Consumption and Fashion Marketing.

“Since I was a little girl, I have had an interest in art and fashion. I still have the notebook on which I drew my first fashion sketches. I was 8 or so. In all these years I never stopped drawing or painting even if I didn’t go to an art school. I’m a self-taught artist. My art school was watching my grandfather paint in his studio. He was a painter and I was totally fascinated by him and his microcosm of dirty brushes, palettes, large canvases and smell of turpentine.”.

Art has been a constant part of her life. She never limited herself to one style or medium using oil, acrylic, and water colors, as well as oil pastels, markers and a graphic design softwares.

A large part of her work is the constant research for inspiration. Each piece she creates is simultaneously an extension of the past – where she has come from and what she has learned – as well as a preview of the future, the place where she’s going. She describes her art as journey, a constant evolution that by definition never stops.



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