My name is Paola Arena and I am a visual artist. I hold a BA in Media Studies with a specialization in Sociology of Consumption and Cultural Studies and a Master’s degree in Marketing and Communication for Fashion.

I started getting passionate about visual arts during my childhood thanks to my grandfather who was a painter. He inspired and encouraged me to take my first steps in the direction of what was going to be my career in the world of contemporary art. I have never limited myself to only one style or to a specific medium. I love to paint and draw by hand as much as using Illustrator and Procreate.

Thanks to Art Toys and Pop Surrealism I discovered a whole world of urban subcultures that allowed me to go beyond the traditional dichotomies of the mainstream culture and to mix styles and references from different backgrounds developing a completely new aesthetic concept. Illustration, painting, photography, fashion, music and cinema are mixed together in my mind giving birth to a unique style which is the sum of all these elements.

Large part of my work aims at investigating social trends and behaviors, the way they evolve and change in relation to social media and the new narratives they contribute to create.

My work is simultaneously an extension of my past – where I come from and what I learned – as well as a preview of the future, the place where I’m going. My art is a journey, a constant evolution that by definition never stops.



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