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McDONALD'S McFLURRY PACKAGING | HAND PAINTED PATTERN   The McDonald's advertising campaign, conceived by Frenzy, a Parisian creative agency, for the launch of the new McFlurry flavours on the French market, has been developed around a concept declined through the...


TREEEP COVER | DIGITAL ILLUSTRATION Digital illustration for "Tree", the vinyl record by Gioser Masrra released by Zero db Digital.


RINASCENTETHE GREEN LIFE SS ‘18 CAMPAIGN | HAND DRAWING AND DIGITAL ILLUSTRATIONS An advertising campaign for Rinascente, created by the international agency J.Walter Thompson. A series of floral illustrations hand-drawn with Possa markers, and subsequently...


ITALIANISMADV | HAND PAINTED ILLUSTRATION Renato Fontana, founder of Italianism and creator of the 2018 Festival campaign, develops a concept that has the goal to celebrate visual art creating a direct link to the illustration world. This link has been expressed...


QUATTROCENTOADV | HAND DRAWN ILLUSTRATIONS For the SS16 campaign for Quattrocento Eyewear, a Milanese eyewear brand, the project sees the creation of a baroque inspired triptych that reflects the brand identity. The hand drawn illustrations, made with Possa markers,...

Hunger Magazine

HUNGER MAGAZINEEDITORIAL |HAND DRAWN ILLUSTRATIONS A series of hand drawing illustrations for Hunger Magazine #10 cover.


KOPANOADV | DIGITAL ILLUSTRATION Digital illustration for the Australian singer Kopano.

Frac Festival

FRAC BRAND IDENTITY | DIGITAL ILLUSTRATIONS    Ideation and creation of the visual identity for Frac Festival 2018 edition.


ENCADRERADV | HAND PAINTED Illustrations on Encadrer D.N.A editorial shot by Carlo Piro.